Creative Process
All of the jewellery is made from shed antler. The sheds are from mule deer, white-tailed deer, moose, and elk. The antler is shed annually in late winter, then completely regrows again between March and August with a beautiful soft velvet layer coating it. In the fall, the velvet is rubbed off on trees and the hard shell coat is exposed and ready for mating season.

In late winter the antler is shed onto the forest floor and the cycle begins again. Shed antler is easily distinguished by the curved end at the base of the spine. This is an absolute characteristic that defines a shed and sets it apart from other forest finds.

All of the sheds are from BC and are either found by me or are from people who know my work. I am currently working from sheds found in the hills above Peachland and some from the Flathead country near Cranbrook.