The Antler

What is it?
    All of the jewellery is made from shed antler dropped by mule deer, white tailed deer, moose, elk, caribou and fallow deer. The antler is shed annually near the end of winter then completely re-grows again between March and August with a beautiful soft velvet outer coating. During this time the antler can grow at the rate of an inch a day. In the early autumn the animal rubs off the velvet on branches and trunks of trees. These rubs mark territory and expose the hard calcified antler in preparation for the fall rut. In late winter the antler is shed onto the forest floor and the cycle begins again.

   Only the male of the species grow antler with the exception of caribou in which the female also grow and shed antler annually. Shed antler is easily distinguished by the bulb like end at the base of its spine. This is an absolute characteristic that defines a shed and sets it apart from other antlers. Shed antler is truly a wonder of nature.

From where?
   Most of the sheds are from BC and are either found by myself or are from people who know the work. There are a few exceptions including the Fallow Deer sheds I use. These antlers are purchased from the Fallow Deer Reserve in Florida Ontario. This reserve has rescued a herd of captive fallow deer and ensures these animals live out their natural lives on this land. The money from the sale of the sheds supports the work of these conservators and ensures the deer feed and shelter for the winter.

White Tailed Doe at Lori's pond

The Documentation
As each piece is completed it is documented and assigned a code. Most importantly and as much as possible the origins of the antler material is tracked from forest floor to completion. Your jewellery is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees the material for your piece was sourced from a naturally shed antler

The Gift
 Ten percent of the net profit from the sale of public bone in 2009 will be gladly and joyfully given to The Young Naturalists of British Columbia. What a wonderful organization that encourages young people to have a relationship with the natural world based in learning, common experience, science, discovery and respect.
Instructions for Care
Silver > keep in plastic, will tarnish rub with soft cloth to clean
Antler > I use a light layer of natural oil to seal it but the medium will adopt a natural patina from oils of your skin the more it’s worn.

                                                                                                                                                         <KEEP OUT OF WATER>